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4 Reasons Vaping Has Taken Off in Popularity

Every so often, a new trend bursts onto the scene and is such an immediate force within the cultural zeitgeist that it quickly becomes emblematic of the era. Think of the 1920s, and you think of the Flappers and Philosophers which litter the works of F. Scott Fitzgerald and the Jazz Age Manhattan in which he lived – one overflowing with bootleg liquor. Think of the 1960s, and you think of the Beatles, Bob Dylan, campus protests, music festivals – and heightened marijuana consumption. Think of the world in which we live today, and it’s almost impossible to think of Millennial culture without the faintest whiff of vape – and here are four reasons why.

1. Its Uniqueness

One of the biggest draws for any substance is the way in which it comes to be associated with other aspects of culture. When we think of great writers, it’s no surprise that we often picture them taking a long drag on a cigarette, sipping champagne at some Parisian café, or pounding drinks Hemingway-style. While this association can become problematic if taken too far, as with substances themselves, when enjoyed responsibility, they can add so much more.

As such, one of the biggest draws for those interested in vaping is its uniqueness. As we’ll touch on below, vaping sets itself up as something of an anti-Big Tobacco, but beyond that, it’s really its own thing, with its own unique subculture. What image we come to associate with vaping is a question left to time, but for now, it can certainly make for a unique experience. The Dashvapes website may also have more information and resources for you.

2. It’s the Anti-Big Tobacco

That’s more than can be said for Big Tobacco. Cigarettes are as inexpensive and commonplace as they come, and are hardly bastions of creativity or identity. They are mass produced, often subjecting workers to poor conditions, and are notoriously awful from a health standpoint.

What’s more, cigarettes are hardly the most innovative substances out there when it comes to taste. If you’ve had one cigarette, chances are that you’ve had them all flavour-wise. By contrast, e-cigarettes are specially crafted by individual vaping enthusiasts, each tinkering and testing to try and come up with great new tastes.

3. Its Hipster Connections

Then, there’s the fact that vaping has its connections to the hipster world. If you’re involved in hipster culture, and want to give vaping a try (“ironically” or otherwise) there are plenty of hipster sites and offerings from which to choose.

4. Its Long-Term Viability

Last, but not least, vape as a substance seems poised to be here for some time to come. Substances come and go in popularity, but e-cigarettes have marketed themselves in such a way as to make themselves appear more than a mere passing fad. What’s more, the pipes and devices themselves are likewise designed to be quite durable. A cigarette is a strictly one-use affair – an e-cigarette is something you could conceivably enjoy for years to come.

All of this combines to make vaping one of the fastest-growing subcultures out there.

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