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About Vaper’s Voice

VapersVoice is a blog dedicated to Vapers (also known as people who have a passion about Electronic Cigarettes and their use). Vapers are a unique breed, looking to not only quit smoking but to also educate, innovate, and promote the miracle that is vaping. It is my goal to make VapersVoice a platform for all vapers and to amplify their voices. We all have a voice and it is my hope that in some small way VapersVoice provides an avenue to for Vapers to be heard and listened to. I personally started VapersVoice to share my experiences in hopes that both smokers wanting to move to vaping, and current vapers find my experiences useful.


Now VapersVoice has a mission not only to communicate my experiences, but the experiences of all Vapers. What I have learned along my journey is that one of the best resources out there are the people in the vaping community. Our community is strong, diverse, and solidly focused on helping each other stay off tobacco and enjoy our choice to vape. I hope that you find the information here useful, interesting and fun!